The poet present him and his father relationship in many in a lot ways throughout the poem. The poet use simile when he said “his shoulder globe like a full sail strung between the shaft and the furrow”. This simile shows that the son admires his father about how strong he and bulky his is, […]

The king of Naples  who helped Antonio to overthrone his brother Alonso is coming from his daughters wedding ceremony in Tunis in Africa, he is accompanied by Sebastian, Gonzalo, Ferdinand,and Antonio, On the ship they were boarding, Prospero saw them and by his Art, he made the ship to wreck while him and his 15 […]

Hello my people,the one of the great Miland that sow the good seed,am the new king of the great land of Miland, i know you are all quite surprised, but dont be, your former king my brother goes on a journey as you all know him as a “wizard” he travels with is daughter on […]

It was about a young girl whose father was a police,one night in a parade her father was shot by a group of armed robbers who were robbing a bank,her father tries to stop them but they escape leaving her father dead on floor.Her family mourned about the death of her father but then she […]

The DICKENSIAN ASPECT compromise all the Enthusiastic and intelligent way which Dicken use in describing and giving full detail of what he meant on the Christmas Carol.                                                         […]

If i were to write a modern day Christmas Carol it would in a rural area or a country where only lower class people are living but only one rich man as scrooge lives. He would not have a partner nor a clerk but his wife and kids. One thing he should also hate is […]

There is poverty around the world most especially during Dickens times when you have suffer for being poor by working in a warehouse,all fingers are not equal,the fact that that you are rich does not mean you are perfect.A rich man going to heaven is like a camel passing through the tiny hole for thread,no […]

JOHN      HIT          THE         BALL                                                                                   […]

Ghost of Christmas present appears to scrooge as a “jolly giant” with a dark brown.He wears a fur-lined green robe on his head a holly wreath with shining icicles.He carries a larger torch made to resemble a cornucopia,and appeared accompanied by a great feast.He also bears a scabbard with no sword in it which represent […]

Scrooge is a cold- hearted miser who despises CHRISTMAS.He love to be hated by everyone around him,also he hates people since his old friend JACOB is dead he has no friend.His nephew is poor,he did not help him,he either make fun of Him.DICKENS. describe Him Thus:”THE COLD WITHIN HIM FROZE HIS OLD FEATURE,NIPPED HIS POINTED […]